Take advantage of stylish home photos to market your destination

Describes new projects for marketing construction companies and real estate agents, as well as for private individuals. Describes both public spaces such as hotels and restaurants and home sales photos.


Describes housing sales images in the Helsinki metropolitan area with professionalism and experience. I offer the service to both individuals and real estate agents. Housing description is an important part of the home sales process. High-quality images can bring out the best in an apartment, summer cottage or other property and thus attract more potential buyers. When selling new properties, it is also important to present the floor and space solutions of the house or apartment with pictures. High-quality apartment photos improve the visibility of the property, increase the value of the property and speed up the sale of the apartment.

Contact us and agree on a description of the apartment with me! Home photography and the style of the pictures are always designed according to individual wishes. The facilities get a worthy presentation with stylish and beautiful apartment pictures.


Describes new projects for marketing construction companies and real estate agents, as well as for private individuals. I photograph public spaces such as hotels and restaurants and take pictures of apartments for sale. Professionally taken apartment photos distinguish the property for sale from others, thus facilitating the sale and marketing of the apartment. Beautiful, fresh and clear images in the sales announcement evoke positive images. A carefully executed apartment description for sale conveys the right atmosphere of the property to customers and potential buyers. I take home photos of all kinds of properties, from small apartment buildings to large detached houses, industrial properties and summer cottages.

The price of the apartment description depends on the size of the apartment and the scope of the description. I make an offer that defines what is included in the housing description. Before filming, I will also give tips on styling the apartment and preparing it for filming. Housing photography can be technically challenging at times. In addition to sufficient expertise, the housing photographer is required to have suitable photography equipment. As a home photographer, I make sure that you get impressive pictures of your apartment, which take into account the essentials for the sale and suitable viewing angles of the different spaces in the home. I will finalize the images in image processing and deliver the finished images on the agreed schedule. You can use the images both online and in print media such as sales brochures. In connection with home photography, you can take pictures of both indoor and outdoor spaces. The number of pictures depends a bit on the size of the apartment and the plot.


To make it as easy as possible for a home photographer to move around the premises and take high-quality and beautiful pictures of your apartment, it is a good idea to prepare for the shots in advance. Extra bulk as well as personal items such as photos can be hidden in spaces that are not photographed. When the spaces are as clean and spacious as possible, the space itself is made more visible in the pictures. Room lighting is also important. Natural light is usually the best light source for home photos, so you should raise the blinds. If there is little natural light, it would be good to have enough lamps indoors. If the house is also photographed from the outside, the surroundings of the house and the walls are good and clean. I’ll be happy to share more tips to get the best possible pictures of your apartment.


I mainly implement housing photography only in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Clear, bright and highlighting the best aspects of the property give the buyer a positive image of the sale announcement and activate it more easily to contact and book a screen.

Contact us and we will map out your housing photography needs. Based on that, I make an offer for a housing description service package. The final price of the apartment description is always agreed with the customer on a case-by-case basis in advance.